Sponsor a Child & Change Two Lives

The differences between sponsored students and those who are not may seem small. But to the needy children, the difference is big. Having a sponsor means that a caring adult thinks you are wonderful. You are worthy of being appreciated and encouraged. There is power in knowing that you are loved. Having a sponsor may also mean some special gifts, cards, and a sense of security. Sponsors are encouraged to write to their students at least twice a year. Representatives of RPU can deliver them and bring back replies along with photos and reports. Suggestions for writing can be found by clicking here.

Poor parents, who cannot pay anything for their child’s education, may begin to feel uneasy about keeping a child at MSA without a sponsor. They may pull the child out of school and have them go to work.

When students write to their sponsors saying “I love you so much,” they are not being glib. They are truly grateful. You may be the only constant person in their lives–the only one who encourages them in their big dreams.

On the sponsor’s side, Francis of Assisi said it well: “For it is in giving that we receive.” One of our oldest sponsors proclaimed to her church, “I feel for the first time in my life, I’m making a real difference in a child’s life.”

Sponsor a young child — Nursery School and Primary School

Children begin Mustard Seed Academy when they are only three years old. Most of these new students are ‘sponsored’ by Real Partners Uganda until a personal sponsor selects them.

Sponsoring a young child, in one of the Nursery School classes, or in a Primary School class, is only $20 a month, or $240 for the whole year. (If you want to sponsor a Nursery or Primary School child who is part of the Rapha’s House family, select the $51/mo or $610/year option.)

You can ask for one of the children pictured here by name. If that child has recently been sponsored, we will suggest a child, and if you agree we will begin that sponsorship. Or, if you want us to match a child to your preferences for age, gender, religion, we are happy to do that. There are many children waiting for their own special sponsor.

Tahira is in Primary 2. She stays with her mother who is very poor. She’s a good student, clean and smart, good at netball and music.  ($20/mo or $240/year)

Imraan is in Primary 2. He stays with his grandmother. Little is known about his parents. He is good at reading, football, and music. He is always clean and smart.  ($20/mo or $240/year)

Aisha, P-5, stays with a very poor mother who sometimes sells tomatoes. She struggles to feed her children but wants Aisha to be in school. ($20/mo or $240/year)

David is in Primary-5 and was once sponsored. He stays with a helpless mother. He loves school. ($20/mo or $240/year)

Sponsor a Teenager at Mustard Seed Secondary School

Primary school, in Uganda, ends after 7th grade (P-7). Next comes secondary school with four years of O levels (ordinary). Nearly all Mustard Seed Secondary students need sponsors. Many poor parents will struggle to keep a young child in school. However, when the child becomes a teenager, they may see the child as another pair of hands to do work to support the family. Or worse, in the case of girls, they may decide to marry them off. Your sponsorship of $35/month can rescue a child from such a fate.

Secondary School sponsorships are more expensive because the secondary school’s expenses are higher. There are more books, labs, materials, and teachers needed. And older kids eat more. Their uniforms cost more.

Choose one of the students pictured below, or let us assign the currently most needy child to you.

Choose between monthly $35 donations or a once a year $420 gift.

Or, if you want to take on one of the neediest students who is part of the Rapha’s House family, choose $66 per month or $790 for the year.

Becoming a Secondary School Sponsor is easy! Just be prepared for how it may change your life.

Get Started Here

Victoria is in S-2 (10th grade) and boarding at school even without sponsorship. A Mustard Seed student since she was young, she had a sponsor until 2017. Her mother cannot take care of the children she has, and her grandmother stays too far away to make staying with her an option. ($66/mo or $790/year)

Chrispus is one of the best students in S-2, but his home situation makes him very vulnerable. He is staying with an uncle in Lukaya; both parents are not around. ($35/mo or $420/year)

Shamirah is in S-2 and stays at Rapha’s House (boarding). She comes from a very needy family. Although the grandmother cares and tries, she has too many grandchildren to care for. ($66/mo or $790/year)

Shamira is a healthy girl from a big family that has been hard hit by HIV/AIDS. She is in S-2 and very much wants to complete secondary school. ($35/mo or $420/year)

Boarding Students

Our approach to serving orphans and vulnerable children is community-based. We provide education, food, clothing, and health care, while students live with parents in the community. It is one way we respect the culture of the region. This approach is also cost-efficient and allows us to help more children.

But, sometimes there is no family, or the family breaks up and can no longer care for one of our students. So, for about 60 especially vulnerable children, we developed Rapha’s House. These children need sponsors who are willing to provide an extra $31 per month or $370 per year. This is in addition to the regular day student school sponsorship. The boarding sponsorship amount is the same for all members of Rapha’s House no matter their age.

Current Rapha’s House sponsors of teenagers (secondary school) can renew sponsorships here. Current Rapha’s House sponsors of primary school children can renew sponsorships here. If you would like to be ready to rescue the next child who needs the special love and care of Rapha’s House, you can use the renewal form. For the ‘name’ blank, just write next needy child. You will hear back from us with the name and information about the student.

Give to Higher Education

Give to help students in the Career Opportunity Pathways program (COP). You can choose to donate to the general scholarship fund for the program, or you can sponsor a student. Find out more about the COP program on “Our Programs” page

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